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Menstruation, still a taboo in our country, often poses a hurdle to women residing in rural as well as urban areas. Sometimes, you may come across emergency situations where you have no access to sanitary napkins or they may not be available locally. Or due to a busy lifestyle, you may have run out of pads when you need it. Then comes the issue of going to a pharmacy and asking the male seller for sanitary napkins amidst other male customers.

We at Freyabox understand how important it is for you to keep moving without having to worry about timely availability of sanitary napkins during those days. Our comprehensive offering of hygiene products addresses this issue adequately, so you can travel or work freely, knowing you are well taken care of.

Offered on a subscription basis, the box has sanitary napkins of your choice, biodegradable napkin disposal bag, hygiene wipes, hand sanitizer and disposable toilet seat cover, to ensure peace of mind and hygiene during that time of the month.

Read the stories on "Power stories" section to see how some women face real time issues in getting access to basic hygiene products.


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Sanitary napkins - 12 units
Sanitary napkin disposal bags - 5 units Disposable toilet seat cover - 5 units
Hand sanitizer - 10 units
Hand wipes - 10 units
Beverage - Tea/Cofee
Mini note pad
Edible Goodies
Conical incense sticks
Complimentary gift with every box
The products are divided in five separate boxes for five days. You can carry each box in your bag as per your daily requirements.

The Premium Box, 12 Sanitary Supplies, Mood energizers, Thoughtful gift.

1 Month : Rs. 499    
3 Months : Rs. 1475
6 Months : Rs. 2949


SANITARY NAPKINS (12 units) : Day - 10 units, Night - 2 units


Ultra Soft L Wings
Ultra Soft XL Wings
Ultra Clean L Wings
Ultra Clean XL Wings
Choice Ultra Wings
Maxi Fit Regular Wings


Ultra Overnight XL
Ultra Overnight XL+


Anti Bacteria XL
Body Fit XL
Bodyfit Regular


Anti Bacteria Overnight XXL
Bodyfit Overnight XXXL


Anti Regular with wings
XL Cottony soft with wings
XL Dry Secure


Dry Max All Night Ultra Thin
Advanced All Night XL Wings

If the sanitary napkin of your choice
is not listed, please mention below



Get your box 2 days before your cycle

Power Stories

Suchitra (29), lawyer, Delhi
When I was maybe around 7 or 8 years old, I saw a Whisper ad on TV. I had no clue what it was so asked my mom and dad, who were sitting right there. And in retrospect, I realise they were very uncomfortable and just changed... the topic with a "You don't need to know this" face. I had a proper chat with my mom a few years later, of course, and she wasn,t thrown off guard this time because she was the one who brought it up

Another incident happened a few weeks ago in the company of friends when I loudly proclaimed that I needed to step out to buy sanitary napkins. It surprised me that my friends, who are married to each other, seemed a little surprised at my unabashed vocalization.

I had come to believe that people are generally a lot more comfortable speaking about menstruation now, but I guess we still have a long way to go.
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Drishti (30), strategic planner, Kolkata
Being a part of an all-girls school, I saw 1,000 mood swings creating a symphony on our school campus... daily.

I remember the phase when I had finally learnt to remember my period table and the use and disposal of pads while it was evident that not many girls had yet found a civil way to dispose of their used napkins.

There was this one time when a junior came out howling, saying "There's a haunted broken piece of plaster in the loo!"

The rumours got so spiced up that many girls stopped using that particular loo for a while even after it was cleaned.
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Noyonika Dasgupta (30), lecturer, Mumbai
II was around 12 or 14 years old when I got my first period. Though we were into the new millennium, periods were something that was not openly explained or spoken about so my mother had really not given me any idea about what they were. I came to know about... periods from someone else.

When I got my first period I didn't know what to do, how long it lasted or what was I supposed to do. I remember we had a very dark coloured skirt and I got my first period in school - I didn't know we needed a pad or how to wear one. I just wished if the day was over, the whole period thing will go away. I came home and I didn't tell anyone about it.

Next morning, my mom discovered that the entire bed sheet was stained and I used to share a room with my brother. When he noticed it, he told her about the stains and mom explained that they were from my bleeding teeth. She then haphazardly taught me how to wear a pad. And, when other people came to know that I had my period they started looking at me like I had murdered someone.
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